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Solar Array Junction Box

Solar Array Junction Box options offered can be made available by us in both standard and customized finish sizes.

The capacity of Solar Arrays is indirectly related to the exposed surface area of the arranged solar modules. Number of strings makes an end to end connection with Combiner boxes (Solar Array Junction Boxes) and the main solar modules. Solar Array Junction Boxes are equipped as an enclosure to the electrically connected strings and the electronic devices & a safeguard to the DC side.

An adequate solution that is based on the latest technology and suitable for solar power equipment is named as solar array junction box. The solar array junction box provide the protection against the surges. The material which is used in this box is a polycarbonate and it’s dust-free. This is a DC fuse, or we can say DC distribution box that protect the solar modules from high-voltages. JMV manufactures this device with IP 65, 66 and 67 ratings that can be installed in outdoor area. This product is available from 1 to 8 strings and customization is possible as per the requirement.