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Copper Bonded Rods

SG Power Product Pvt. Ltd. is one of leading Copper bonded ground rods manufacturer in Indian market. Copper bonded ground rods are ideal driven earth rod as they provide installer an economical and systematic earth rod grounding system. It gives excellent corrosion resistance and eliminating electrolytic action as the pure electrolyte copper is invariably molecularly bonded into a high ductile steel core to a lowest thickness of 250 microns (0. 254 mm). To perpetuate the integrity of the molecularly bonded copper the coupling threads are establish by a rolling process to ensure thread strength.

SG Power Product Pvt. Ltd., leading Copper bonded ground rods supplier knows that a good earth should have low electrical resistance to earth, good Corrosion resistance, and ability to carry high currents repeatedly and a reliable life. Our skilled professionals design and produce Copper bonded ground rods with the quality of high strength and good conductivity. As prime Copper bonded ground rods manufacturer maintain the international standard norms of product design and production. These rods are available in 12 mm, 14mm, 17 mm dia with standard length of 1.2mtr, 1,5mtr, 1.8mtr, 3mtr. We offer copper layered rods supportive from excessive salt/high moisture which will disappear all leakage currents to protect any assets damage.

• Good Corrosion resistance
• Easy in installation
• Available as per requirement


ModelsElectrode Diameter (MM)Length (MM)Internal Strip Size (MM)Conductive mineral filled
SG 2402503 GI40200025 X 03Yes
SG2402504 GI40200025 X 04Yes
SG3402504 GI40300025 X 04Yes
SG2503004 GI50200030 X 04Yes
SG3503004 GI50300030 X 04Yes
SG2755006 GI75200050 X 06Yes
SG3755006 GI75300050 X 06Yes